Game Modes

Capture the Flag

Midair: Community Edition’s most popular game mode is Capture The Flag. Both teams spawn on opposite sides of the map and players choose between playing offensive or defensive roles. Offensive roles are flag cappers and light offense. Flag cappers find the optimal paths and bowls in the terrain which will allow them to approach the enemy flag at high speed, with the intention of grabbing it and returning to their team’s flag.

Light offense attempt to kill or distract the opposing teams defense to clear the way for their flag cappers. Ideally, offensive players will time their attacks to be in sync with each other for maximum effectiveness. 

Defensive roles include chasers and home defense. Chasers defend your flag when it’s home, and relentlessly hunt it down when it’s not. 

Home defense attempts to keep your flag home as much as possible, but when it’s not, they don’t stray far from their stand in order to both support returning friendly flag carriers, and to ensure no enemies take advantage of your empty flag stand. 

Each of these roles have significant tactics and skills required, and while it doesn’t take long to pick up the basics, you’ll always be finding ways to improve. 

Your team scores points by stealing the enemy’s flag and returning it to your own. Your flag must be home to score a point. If your flag is out in the field you just need to touch it when it’s not held by an opposing player in order to return it. 

You win by either having the most flag captures in the allotted time or by hitting the flag capture limit first. The adrenaline can really kick in when both teams are one flag capture away from victory and every play could win or lose the match. 

Competitively, capture the flag is played with two teams of 5 players. Teams generally have three offensive players and two defensive. In casual play these numbers are more flexible and lets people play more relaxed without being tied to a position. 

The existing community is very passionate about this game mode and are very welcoming to new players who are interested to learn the intricacies and get involved in the regular pick up games organized through Discord.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a much simpler game mode to explain. There are two teams. Both teams are trying to get a certain number of kills first. That’s about it! The beauty is in the simplicity. Want to jump in, jet pack and ski around and just shoot at things? This is the mode for you! This also serves as a great practice ground for improving your aim for the other game modes.

Team Deathmatch has a number of unique maps as well as power ups which can supercharge you in numerous ways – like increasing your jet pack power or multi-shot. There’s also a flag in the field which awards bonus kills to whomever is holding it.


A similar mode to Team Deathmatch is Arena – except this time the goal is to ensure the enemy team loses all their available lives first. Die too many times and you wont be able to re-spawn. Continuously rushing into contests where you’re outnumbered will be greatly detrimental to your team – so stick together and pick off targets who stray from the group.

Coming soon

Additional game modes like Duel and Team Rabbit are on the road map, with others also being prototype.