Patch Notes –



-Multiple powerups/pickups tweaks, fixes and changes (still heavily WIP)

Arena Mode

-Fixed “last life left” game message

Combo Grenade

-Damage decreased from 50 to 35
-Inheritance decreased from 100% to 75%
-Hitbox increased by 15%


-Increased collection of player statistics
-Added multiple new stats to the scoreboard that are now recorded by the game
-Points changed or added for multiple actions


-Modular assets received some art upgrades
-Water improved
-Updated Desert Terrain rock textures
-Added warm up desaturation effect
-Changed chaingun & grenade launcher effects


-Flag events audio changes and fixes



-OOB Grid Expanded
-Scale of base structures increased 25%
-Added more spawns
-Increased fog & changed skybox
-Terrain modifications
-Fixed some weird collision out of bounds
-Changed middle area (pillars/rocks)


-Added some cacti
-Fixed an issue that was causing the map to be incorrectly bright on low settings


-Minor base modifications


-Added new platforms for defense players to stand
-Removed some spawns


-Fixed floating foliage

TDM-Calypso, TDM-Crystalline, TDM-Speedway:

-Added modular pads for powerups/pickups to sit on, they should now be much easier to find from range

New Map: TDM-Tribulus

Patch Notes –


Fixed an issue with powerups crashing AR/CTF

Powerups should now play a sound when you walk over them


Added CTF-Drought

Added AR-Skyway

Fixed collisions on CTF-Trailblazer base

Known issues:

Powerups don’t do a hecking lot rn

Patch Notes –


– VGS fixed, new default voice: Bethany

– Low health screen effect should only be visible when you are low HP

– Fixed crash relating to powerups

– Scoreboard colour will now respect chosen team colour value


– Fixed several collision issues on CTF-Nightflare and AR-Vertex

– New landscape/rocks-based Arena map: Calico

– Aquarena removed

Combo Grenade:

-Now ignores chaingun bullets

-Screen shake removed

-Max Ammo 4 -> 3

-Damage 80 -> 50

-Hitbox reduced 10%

-Blast radius reduced 15%

-Impulse reduced 90% against targets other than yourself

-Inheritance 65 -> 100%

Patch Notes –


– Added Game Mode: Arena 

  – Teams are now given a pool of 25 lives, upon death a life will be removed from the team pool 

  – When 0 lives are remaining you will be given one final chance 

  – Round ends when team runs out of players with final chance 

  – Match will be a best of 3 rounds

– Added Powerups / Health & Ammo Pickups (TDM/AR)

– Concussion Grenades replaced with Combo Grenades. They explode when shot, allowing for “mine disks” and midair disk jumps

– Adjusted Flag size 

– Flag trail now only activates above 50 km/h

– Flag trail is now based on team color

– Added low health screen effect

– Added zoomed in screen effect

– Tweaked Tempest effects

– Tweaked Chaingun effects

– Adjusted Evacuate effects


– Adjusted Tempest idle sound

– Added subtle variations to weapon switch sounds

– New enemy grabbed your flag sound

– Adjusted Chaingun firing sound


– Added CTF-Nightflare

– Added CTF-Trailblazer

– CTF-Exhumed: Art update

– CTF-Minora: Nerfed routes that fall on to the back of the flagstand

– TDM-Speedway: Updated

Bug fixes

– Fixed a crash related to weapon skins

– Fixed a bug where TDM messages were being displayed incorrectly

– Fixed an inaccurate collision issue on CTF-Elites base

Known issues:

  • VGS sounds don’t play any audio
  • Inaccurate collisions on Vertex and Nightflare
  • Water on Aquarena disappears on low settings
  • Low health effect can display at incorrect times

Patch Notes –


– Error message when loading the game is resolved

– Resolved API issues (could not connect to server message)


– Announcer always speaks for flag captures

– Announcer is now tied to the in-game voices volume slider

– Tweaked cg sound

– New sound for 1 star rated skill shots

– Increased range needed for chaingun hits to be considered skill shots

– Tweaked sound for enemy flag carrier killed


– Fixed an issue where server would crash when the flag carrier got a kill


– Ring launcher is now the Tempest, with new sound and weapon trail effects

– Flag trail effect tweaked

– Tweaked chaingun effects

– Tweaked character fresnel glow effect

– CTF-Elite: Minor terrain change, deleted some rocks next to flagstand

– CTF-Minora: some non mirrored rocks were deleted

Known issues:

– The VGS menu is all messed up

– There are no sounds for flag events in TDM

– CTF-Outpost flags are offset

Patch Notes –

Hotfix for an issue in 528 where you couldn’t spawn..

You’ll need to restart steam to see it. If you get an error message when you open the game just click ok and it will load the game

Also included:

-New GL effects

– Fixed some funky tree collisions on Minora and other grassy maps

– Resolved API issues; the warning will be gone after you restart your game client.

Patch Notes –


– Vote to make player admin fixed

– If server is in tournament mode and teams are 5v5 new players will be forced to spec

– Demo API endpoint enabled (demos themselves are still borked)

– Added Credits display to interface

– Added Skins list to weapons (No option to unlock/purchase yet)

– Tweaked Chaingun effects

– Adjusted flag position on characters back 

– Tweaked IFF code


– Winning score raised to 100

– Player will automatically face flag on spawn

– Team damage turned off

– Player with flag will earn 3 points per kill everyone else will earn 1

– Player can now toss the flag

– Players should now spawn closer to the flag

– Changed in game flag messages (Holding, return, etc)


– RL Fire sound adjusted

– Adjusted friendly and enemy flag return sounds

– Adjusted chaingun firing sound

– New team flag grab sound

– Increased volume on accouncer for win/loss/overtime

– Added map vote sounds

– Added flag toss sound

– New enemy flag carrier killed sound

– Added sound for 1 & 2 star rated skill shots

– New enemy has your flag sound


– Brought back Speedway & Crystalline in the form of TDM maps

– Added loading screens for Exhumed, Calypso, Crystalline & Speedway


– Major terrain changes, added rocks & cliffs


– Fixed some gaps in the rocks/cliffs

– Toned down the sun bloom

– Fixed some rock shadows


– Removed some small route-blocking rocks on blue side


– Added new trees

Patch Notes –


– Added color picker to IFF selection [Bugged: Initial setting is black for both teams works; after color is set]

– IFF Color mode is now toggleable between relative and fixed team colors

– IFF Color mode has been set to relative as default

– Updated character textures


– Added Flag to TDM

– Team with flag will earn double kills

– Added Flag status indicator to display which team & player has the flag


– Removed water from Aquarena & Calypso due to performance issues.

– Fixed floating grass on Twilight Grove

– Updated Minora with more trees, fixed floating grass

– Added TDM-Zephyr


– Blocked off some orbital routes

– Added lights to pyramid tunnel interior


– Updated GL Thump

Patch Notes –


– Removed tutorial buttons

– Adjusted PlayerExpressions menu


– Reduced volume of RL/GL

– Fixed Global RL

– Changed flag return and overtime sounds

– Lowered pitch of GL firing sound

– CG fire sound tweaked

– Adjusted doppler settings on RL, GL, blaster, and plasma

– Added oscillation to ring projectile sound

– New RL idle sound