Patch Notes –


– Quick play wont attempt connection to passworded servers

– Quick play will display an error if no server matching the requested conditions is found

– Using Quick play should no longer duplicate servers in the browser

– Added basic IFF custom colour selector

– Disabled “Profile” on main menu UI – Set Behavior ‘is enabled’ to false for Profile on Main Menu – Would crash/lock up client due to stats attempting to be pulled from API.

– Removed duplicate Toggle Spectate button within the In-Game esc menu.

– Prior scoreboard functionality reverted

– Fixed current holder in CTF Status widget

– Web – Clan Management finished; Full featured – Create Clan, Invite Player, Leave Clan, Kick Player from Clan, Disband Clan, and Challenge Teams Coming soon

– Fixed Server & Client Authentication API. Should be resolved.

– Changed character glow to be white

– Added new flag hologram materials, tweaked flag scale and positioning on character

– Added basic Flag Trail for testing



– Fixed some floating spawns on each side

– Smoothed out some jaggy terrain

– Added some new rocks to the mid cliff area to balance out the sides a bit


– Shortened distance between each flagstand

– Major terrain overhaul

– It’s night time again

– Added rocks & cliffs around the map in various places

– Replaced all the spawns, spectator cameras, etc.

– Changed OOB dimensions


– Gave the map back its water

– Added a skybox

– The arena remains untextured greybox


– New prototype TDM map


– Fixed kill sound on suicide

– Add doppler effect to Blaster, GL, Plasma and RingLauncher projectiles

– Change RingLauncher projectile loop sound to Sci_Fi_Beam_2

– New RL fire and reload sounds

– Added layers to RL projectile loop and explosion sounds

– Reduced volume of new RL sounds

– Added layer to GL fire sound

– Added new GL projectile loop

– New CG fire and motor sounds

– Lowered pitch of jetpack sound

– Adjusted ring reload sfx timing