Patch Notes –


– Vote to make player admin fixed

– If server is in tournament mode and teams are 5v5 new players will be forced to spec

– Demo API endpoint enabled (demos themselves are still borked)

– Added Credits display to interface

– Added Skins list to weapons (No option to unlock/purchase yet)

– Tweaked Chaingun effects

– Adjusted flag position on characters back 

– Tweaked IFF code


– Winning score raised to 100

– Player will automatically face flag on spawn

– Team damage turned off

– Player with flag will earn 3 points per kill everyone else will earn 1

– Player can now toss the flag

– Players should now spawn closer to the flag

– Changed in game flag messages (Holding, return, etc)


– RL Fire sound adjusted

– Adjusted friendly and enemy flag return sounds

– Adjusted chaingun firing sound

– New team flag grab sound

– Increased volume on accouncer for win/loss/overtime

– Added map vote sounds

– Added flag toss sound

– New enemy flag carrier killed sound

– Added sound for 1 & 2 star rated skill shots

– New enemy has your flag sound


– Brought back Speedway & Crystalline in the form of TDM maps

– Added loading screens for Exhumed, Calypso, Crystalline & Speedway


– Major terrain changes, added rocks & cliffs


– Fixed some gaps in the rocks/cliffs

– Toned down the sun bloom

– Fixed some rock shadows


– Removed some small route-blocking rocks on blue side


– Added new trees