Patch Notes –


– Added Game Mode: Arena 

  – Teams are now given a pool of 25 lives, upon death a life will be removed from the team pool 

  – When 0 lives are remaining you will be given one final chance 

  – Round ends when team runs out of players with final chance 

  – Match will be a best of 3 rounds

– Added Powerups / Health & Ammo Pickups (TDM/AR)

– Concussion Grenades replaced with Combo Grenades. They explode when shot, allowing for “mine disks” and midair disk jumps

– Adjusted Flag size 

– Flag trail now only activates above 50 km/h

– Flag trail is now based on team color

– Added low health screen effect

– Added zoomed in screen effect

– Tweaked Tempest effects

– Tweaked Chaingun effects

– Adjusted Evacuate effects


– Adjusted Tempest idle sound

– Added subtle variations to weapon switch sounds

– New enemy grabbed your flag sound

– Adjusted Chaingun firing sound


– Added CTF-Nightflare

– Added CTF-Trailblazer

– CTF-Exhumed: Art update

– CTF-Minora: Nerfed routes that fall on to the back of the flagstand

– TDM-Speedway: Updated

Bug fixes

– Fixed a crash related to weapon skins

– Fixed a bug where TDM messages were being displayed incorrectly

– Fixed an inaccurate collision issue on CTF-Elites base

Known issues:

  • VGS sounds don’t play any audio
  • Inaccurate collisions on Vertex and Nightflare
  • Water on Aquarena disappears on low settings
  • Low health effect can display at incorrect times