Patch Notes –

Version of Midair: Community Edition will be live tonight


  • Tempest explosion sound buffed.
  • Chaingun bullet audio reduced
  • Reduced blaster projectile volume
  • Enemy flag grab and return sound notifications increased in volume


  • CTF-Silvas: Rotated bases, updated midfield assets, minor terrain tweaks.
  • CTF-Brynhildr: Updated lighting and atmosphere, updated base areas.
  • CTF-Trailblazer: Updated lighting and atmosphere, reduced out-of-bounds grid size.
  • CTF-Elite: Updated lighting and atmosphere.
  • CTF-Exhumed: Updated rock formations near bases,
  • Removed CTF maps Crushdepth, Authority, Cerberus, FatalFortress
  • Updated collisions on common rock assets to be more accurate.

General, Bug fixes & Balance

  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Added code to decompress demos downloaded directly from
  • Re-added version checking, because test version could join live and run into invisible objects.
  • Removed Santa hats. Happy New Year!
  • Whitelisted some toaster.cfg commands to bring some performance back.
  • Increased default texture streaming budget
  • After discussion with some pubbers, reduced default max players on a server from 16 to 14.
  • Default Server bandwidth should be increased.

Known issues, Future updates

  • The visibility increases on Elite, Bryn, and Trailblazer might be too much, we’ve only managed to have a handful of lower tier PUGs on them so we’re look at how this plays with a view to changing it in the next patch
  • Server admin via SteamID is not currently working, the default admin password is not consistent across servers either.
  • Demo downloading in-game
  • Another sound pack, more weapon skins, another map in the works.
  • CTF-Raptor: Updated prototype base design
  • Potential fix for the flag sometimes returning from the OOB when it is already back in the OOB.
  • Potential fix for the chaingun looping noise.