Patch Notes –


  • Minor texture optimizations across the board.
  • Tweaked texture streaming options.
  • Possibly fixed an issue with players colliding with their own Grenade Launcher grenades.
  • Possibly fixed an issue with flag inbounds status not being correctly updated, needs more gameplay testing.
  • Fix second loadout grenade slot.


  • Adjusted underwater audio filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chaingun sound would loop.
  • Added soundcues for match start/end countdown under content/audio/notifications/countdown.
  • Added announcer lines to flag grabbed game event audio notifications.


  • New map: CTF-Forlorn.
  • CTF-Raptor: New redesigned bases and art pass.
  • CTF-Silvas: Updated base art.
  • CTF-Elite: Increased fog levels by 25%.
  • CTF-Brynhildr: Increased fog levels by 25%.
  • CTF-Trailblazer: Expanded width of red OOB, Rotated inner oob by 45 degrees and adjusted dimensions, Added a spawn on top of the small tower, Added a small health pickup on top of the center building.