Patch Notes –


This patch has been a long time coming, so there’s a lot to go through!
We’ve completely overhauled the UI, added some limited HUD customization, added and overhauled a lot of maps, added some really cool new Practice mode features, new skies and foliage, and done a whole bunch of optimization work!


  • Added all new skies across the entire game
  • Refined and optimized foliage assets across the entire game
  • Temporarily removed the TDM and Arena game modes. They’ll come back once we’ve fixed some critical issues

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Out of Bounds grid wall thickness to prevent people from escaping bounds without flag timer 
  • Fixed blurry IFFs on lower quality settings
  • Fixed Chaingun overheat visuals – should be more reliable
  • Fixed chaingun heat for spectator and demos
  • Possible fix for flag de-sync in field bug.


  • Fixed various performance issues related to UI
  • Fixed garbage collection issues that could result in stuttering
  • Fixed audio loading issues that could result in stuttering
  • Optimized culling distance settings across various maps
  • Added AMD FidelityFX Support for AMD GPUs
  • Added an Integrated GPU Mode setting for low end hardware
  • Added a few more rendering commands for low end hardware to reduce VRAM usage 
    • r.streaming.limitpoolsizetovram 1
    • r.streaming.scaletexturesbyglobalmybias 1
    • r.streaming.dropmips 2
    • If you want to dive in, more info can be found here
  • Made various improvements to the lowest graphics settings
  • Tempest projectile effect now has a simpler version on low settings


  • Various maps have been either removed or revamped. This is part of our ongoing process to keep refining the map pool.
  • Removed TDM and AR maps from map lists for now to prevent crashes, as neither mode currently works
  • New Maps for initial gameplay testing: CTF-Yolandi, CTF-Sunward
  • CTF-Raptor
    • Various fixes to collisions and other minor bugs
  • CTF-Elite 
    • Updated fog values
    • Fixed some collision issues on flagstand
  • CTF-Brynhildr 
    • Updated fog values 
  • CTF-Forlorn changes:
    • Changes to main flag base, spawn locations
    • Shrunk OOB
    • Added blocking volume to upper area of side tower to prevent camping bug
    • Mirrored health kit  in both bases 
  • CTF-Twilight Grove
    • Players no longer get stuck in tree stump behind base
    • Spawn tweaks
  • CTF-Exhumed 
    • Spawn tweaks
  • CTF-Ingonyama
    • Flagstand overhaul – prototype
  • CTF-Nightflare 
    • Flagstand and base overhaul – prototype.
    • Minor terrain changes.
  • CTF-Minora
    • Foliage and general visual updates 
    • Fixed a bug where certain spinning components would start spinning in the wrong direction
  • CTF-Silvas
    • Minor art updates, some grass and foliage added
  • CTF-Relay (formerly Coral) 
    • Art overhaul
    • Spawn tweaks


  • New announcer voice!
  • Boosted volume on flag grab announcer to match other lines
  • Announcer removed from flag grab notification
  • Another Male voice pack added
  • New flag sound cues
  • Changed voicebind ‘Heh, woops’ to ‘Oops!’
  • Changed 250+ flag grab sound


  • Fix demo playback for long demos and reduce stuttering
  • Fix demo pausing and unpausing
  • Fix demo playback stuttering because of pitch not being smoothed
  • Add demo rewind speed variable
  • Fixed an issue where the server could overwrite a demo before it was uploaded
  • Updated compression for smaller file size

Practice Mode 2.0 – Dodo Bot evolves!

Bots now can play CTF, move around, shoot back, and run cap routes. Configure a bot via the ‘Bots’ tab in the practice menu. When configuring a bot, you can set them as Cap, Chase, LO, or Stay at Home, and they will play the position (as best they can). The old style dodo bots can be created as ‘Route Runner’ bots, which will only follow a recorded route path.

Several new drill victory conditions have been added, and instead of adding routes to a drill, you add bots (which in turn themselves know routes). 

Can store multiple locations and warp between saved locations, or use saved locations as bot/drill spawn spots.

Pub Starter Mode – Automatically spawns in bots on both teams up to a desired player count (ie 7v7). As real players join or swap teams, the bots will be kicked/swapped so teams stay even. Can be toggled on at the server config, or via the practice menu.

Route Finder – New tool available for showing route paths during games. To help new players learn routes, they can use Route Finder (default ctrl-c) to display the route trail that starts nearest to them. Cycle through available routes with – and +, configurable in settings. Update the default loaded routes via the practice files found in MidairCE\Content\Practice\. Route trails are visible to only the player who uses the route finder, and are not available with tournament mode on.

Tutorial Builder – GUI for building tutorials from practice mode drills and routes. Opens via Ctrl-T. Help us out and build a tutorial! Check out an example basic movement tutorial from the ‘Movement’ topic under ‘How To Play’. Playback of the tutorial currently happens via the builder menu, a more focused UI for playing tutorials will be implemented soon.

For more detailed information on Tutorial Builder and how to use it (and tips for Drill/Bot creation), see here

Practice (Main Menu) – Quickly open up a local map via the Practice button in the main menu, either solo or with bots.

How To Play (Main Menu) – Skeleton implementation of How To Play menu, with video tutorials and links to in-game tutorials. More to come!


Added experimental, configurable, method of increasing direct disc/nade stopping power. Configurable via server settings and admin console command, it will increase the velocity cancellation properties of direct hits (non splash) based on the configurable factor. We can experiment with it as needed, and it is NOT enabled by default.


  • UI overhaul
    • User Interface across the entire game has been redesigned and updated. This is still a work in progress and we’re interested in hearing your feedback.
  • Added menu setting for hiding hit markers
  • Added menu setting for hiding Quick Chat (V-Chat)
  • Added customizable HUD support through console commands
  • Added IFF scaling, Crosshair scaling. A basic minimal HUD created by JP can be found here
  • Added Camera Roll, Steady zoom in/out for spectate/demos. Montage tools!

Quality of Life

  • Updated auto kick to only happen in public servers
  • Prevented enabling or disabling practice mode and tournament mode if already enabled/disabled.
  • Added keybind to Pause/Unpause a match (ctrl-v default)