Patch Notes –

This patch includes a number of changes to bots, practice mode, stats, maps and also includes a new map and voicepack.

General Changes

  • Fixed ghost players spawning.
  • Player names now require two alphanumeric characters to avoid countermeasures.
  • Auto-balance no longer swaps players while pub starter mode is active.
  • Escape menu now closes when hitting spectate or change team.
  • End of match message trimmed to “Match has ended”.
  • Doppler effect added to jetpack.

Practice Mode

  • Updated route finder to auto-display the nearest route upon spawn (if active prior to spawn).
  • Added option in drills to not kill all existing bots.


  • Bots now earn stats for kills and damage.
  • Improved capper bot AI so they’ll respawn if their route fails.
  • Allowed game to start with just bots and one player.


  • Rounded stats to nearest integer.
  • Added Damage % stats.


  • Updated loading screen and other image assets on Kryosis and Yolandi.
  • CTF – Forlorn: Terrain and base rework.
  • CTF – Ingonyama: Overhauled and updated flagstand, general art updates.
  • CTF – Relay: Flagstand and terrain tweaks.
  • CTF – Yolandi: Terrain smoothing, spawn tweaks, flagstand blockout, mountains added.
  • CTF – Hadrian: New prototype map added.