Patch Notes –

This patch includes a new key bind for jetting without the auto jump. It also contains new flag capture audio and updates to practice mode and a number of maps.

General Changes

  • Added new key bind under Movement for jetting without the auto jump. Four options are now: Jump/Jet, Skate, Jump, Jet
  • Updates to flag capture sounds.
  • Playername countermeasure updates.

Practice Mode

  • Bot count calculation updated.
  • Completing a drill will no longer clear bots if ‘leave old bots’ is selected.
  • Prevented game from auto-ending if there’s only one player.


  • CTF – Nightflare: Floating spawn fixes and changes to flag stand and base.
  • CTF – Ingonyama: Floating spawn fixes.
  • CTF – Yolandi: Terrain updates.
  • CTF – Forlorn: Terrain, spawn, fog density and artwork updates.
  • CTF – Hadrian: Spawn tweaks, shadow, skybox and asset mirroring updates.